United & Severed: That Window of Time is an interdisciplinary artwork based on interviews with three women living with traumatic injuries. Personal stories of shock injury are integrated in an installation art space using sculpture, video, audio, choreography, and text. Artists, Kristine Diekman and Karen Schaffman collaborated on writing, audio, video, chorography, installation, and Richard Keely and Ann O’Cain collaborated on the sculpture and its installation. 

Exhibition Installations:
California Center for the Arts, 2008
Art Produce, San Diego, 2009
2010        International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy
2010        Istanbul Dance Film Festival
2009        “Topographies: Sites, Bodies, and Technologies”, Society of Dance History Scholars, Stanford University
2009        Festival de VIDEODANZA 2009, Tijuana, Mexico
2008        Mostravideo Itaú Cultural, Brazil, “Memory and Time”
2008        SEEDS Festival; Somatic Experiments in Earth, Dance and Science
Conference Presentations:

2009        College Art Association, Empathy and Media Panel
2008        California Center for the Arts; panel on traumatic injury and narrative; artist’s talk
2008        CORD, “Receptions”, Congress on Research and Dance