Super Ocho

8:00, 1990, super 8 film

“Super Ocho” investigates American culture’s insistence on creating hierarchies of excellence or “goodness”, such as the “top ten” or the “big eight” or the “supreme being” or “evil doers”. Working in improvisational settings, non-actors were asked to develop actions and text exploring notions of God, national security, sports, truth-telling and spirituality.

1994        Unquote TV, Philadelphia, public TV and cable program
1994        Poets in America, WNYC, prod. by Bob Holman
1994        IMPAKT, Festival for Experimental Art, Utrecht,  The Netherlands
1993        The Kitchen Annex at The Threadwaxing Space
1993        Le Premier Manfestation de Video et Arte Electronique, Montreal
1993        The London Film and Video Festival, London
1993        Montage 93, Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester
1993        11e World Wide Video Festival, Den Haag, The Netherlands
1993        The Kitchen, NYC
1993        TV Slovenia,  Ljubljana
1993        2eme Festival International du Cinema Super 8 a Tour, France; Special Prestation
1992        Bruxelles 2e Mondial de le Video; USAguest speaker
1992        10e World Wide Video Festival, Den Haag, The Netherlands
1992        Muu Media Festival, Helsinki, Finland
1992        Australian International Video Festival, Sydney
1992        Mill Valley Film and Video Festival, California
1992        Athens International Film and Video Festival
1992        School of the Art Institute of Chicago
1992        Hallwalls, Buffalo NY
1992        Rutgers International 8MM film & Video Festival
1991        TribecaFilm Center, FVA Angel Awards
1991        Donnell Library , FVA Angel Awards
1991        Bruxelles International Film & Video Festival, Belgium
1991        911 Contemporary Arts Center, Seattle
1991        Athen's International Film & Video Festival
1991        The Knitting Factory
1991        San Francisco Golden Gate Awards Film & Video Festival,
Honorable Mention, "Super Ocho"
 l991         Mediamix 8MM Film & Video Festival, 3rd Place Award
 l990         The Brooklyn Museum, screening & lecture
 l990         Listen In, Harvestworks, Studio Pass, screening & lecture
 l990         Athens International Video & film Festival
 l990         11th Annual Third Wave Film & Video Festival, Austin l990         Mediamix 8 MM Film & Video Festival, Rutgers University, 3rd place award