M for Mommy

9:00, 2009

M for Mommy is a short, personal memoir that investigates troubled mothering. What are these insurmountable, unquenchable, vast needs we assign to the child, towards which the mother responds with fear, frustration, anxiety and rage? By identifying with child, we sometimes blame the mother. Is it only within the realm of another different fantasy that I can pull my mother out of her maternal agitation and let her rest in my mind and heart?

European Media Arts Festival, Osnabrueck, Germany
Les Inattendus, Lyon, France
Reel Mothers: Film, Video Art and the Maternal, Center for the Arts, USA
"Memory Work, Trauma and the Maternal; videos by Maya Zack (Israel) and Kristine Diekman" (US). n.paradoxa (Vol 27) Women's Work, January 2011.