Vamos a Halbar/Let's Talk

72:00, 2012

Vamos a Hablar/Let’s Talk is a bilingual video intended for Latino youth and families to discuss how to prevent unplanned pregnancies and maintain adolescent reproductive health. Director Kristine Diekman foregrounds the voices of Latino teen parents and adults who earnestly believe they could have made wiser choices had there been open communication. In the section titled Loneliness (14:10), teen mothers and adult professionals discuss how loneliness and abandonment may contribute to risk factors for teen pregnancy. In the section Parenting Styles (16:20), parents and children share personal stories about permissive or strict parenting styles and their consequences.

Produced by Video in the Community and funded by the Leichtag Family Foundation in collaboration with Mano a Mano Foundation, Vista Community Clinic, and the San Diego Office of Education.

This feature film is available in Spanish and English with a free teaching guide. To purchase copies, visit the CSUSM bookstore.